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Tokenized securities, utilities, currencies. Issuance powered by Rocket's compliant, customizable smart contracts.

Traditional Fundraising Meets Compliant Smart Contract and Blockchain Technology

Built to organize and keep track of everything mission-critical for the issuance of tokenized securities, the Rocket platform is now bigger and better; supporting both utility tokens and tokenized securities.

Here, quality projects meet smart capital, and entrepreneurs find the fuel to keep pushing the boundaries of commerce and innovation.

The Problem


Smart contracts are the future, but they’re too complicated and technical for most people without user friendly tools to help


Blockchains and the network of nodes that support them are time-consuming and arduous to manage for those without support


Traditional agreements can come with high risks, which can be effectively reduced through the use of well structured and secure smart contracts


Without easy to use tools, deploying smart contracts complete with lockup periods, voting capabilities, dividends, and more requires complex computer programming

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Rocket 2.0's Solutions


Streamlined KYC/AML management

Compliance is automatically enforced, with RegTech provider IdentityMind, to ensure accredited investors and companies are authenticated before any offering or contributions take place.


Extra-mile security checks 

Optional compliant smart contracts allow for independent oversight verification, in addition to Rocket 2.0 standard compliance measures.


Transparent document tracking

Document audit trail for public-ready documents maintained via URI links; ensuring clear tokenized securities document management and tracking.


Control and flexibility for Tokenized Securities issuers

Tokenized securities subsets can be created to fit specific criteria, such as jurisdiction-specific guidelines; giving you adaptable global reach with versatile tokenized securities governance.


Real-time cap table management

The Rocket 2.0 dashboard provides issuers live updating of their entire shareholder registry.


Increased clarity

Every function contained in Rocket 2.0’s suite of contracts is traced to a corresponding event, allowing any external observers to see their state and history.


Rich escrow fund management

Coming Soon

Multiple security measures in Rocket’s compliant smart contracts give investors increased confidence.


Smart trackable voting

Coming Soon

Issuers can release any number of voting proposals to their tokenized securities holders, tracking who voted and didn’t in real-time.

For Issuers

Looking to issue tokenized securities? Rocket takes you from start to finish and keeps you compliant even after the first issuance.


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